Johnny Greystoke

This is our 4 mix e.p. (Vocal Mixes) and our latest release available on all digital download and streaming platforms from Friday 2nd June 2023.

Johnny Greystoke (aka Peter Malski:  Composer / Lyricist / Producer)

Nu Shotgate Soul (aka Al Temper:  Composer / Beats / Arrangements / Producer)

  • 1, No Gain Without Jane (Original Vocal Cut). 3:17 (audio clip on video)
  • 2, No Gain Without Jane (Catwalk Strut). 4:15 (audio clip on video)
  • 3, No Gain Without Jane (Abstract Yodel). 2:00 (audio clip on video)
  • 4, No Gain Without Jane (Stripped Back Model). 3.43 (audio clip on video)

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Big shout out to @Sarahgozzo@BBCIntroSW for playing FIVE STAR LIVING (Nu Shotgate Mix) more to follow throughout 2021 👍👍👍 #chill #vibe #indiemusic



3 mix instrumental versions now available on all digital download and streaming platforms.

Johnny Greystoke (aka Peter Malski:  Composer / Producer)

Nu Shotgate Soul (aka Al Temper:  Composer / Beats / Arrangements / Producer)

Straight Sax (aka Jourin Hannah, Richmond, Virginia USA / Straight Sax Topline)

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Five Star Living…………

…….was originally a poem written by Peter Malski, he then added music and recorded a demo in 1982 that was on a “cassette only” released to friends and family.  DJ/Producer and Johnny Greystoke collaborator Al Temper (Nu Shotgate Soul) mashes up the original cassette recording with refreshed lyrics & beats for the new 21st century versions…..enjoy!






Jane 7 (3)

Listen here:

‘Her Name Is Jane’ comes replete with plenty of soulful beats interspersed with high-altitude, swooning ooo’s, and a smattering of sage ‘aha yeahs’. This hiphop beat-a-licious soul funk provides the backdrop to Johnny’s ‘wordy rappinghood’ account of Tarzan’s journey to find a Maidy-mate, probably the aforementioned Jane!   And there you have it. College students do hip hop story-telling, rapping Johnny-Greystoke-Weissmuller and his long-suffering Maid-a-Jane into twenty first century college campuses and onto full technicolour streaming services.


3 track ep (mixes) now available on ALL download and streaming platforms worldwide.

Johnny Greystoke, Al Temper & Nu Shotgate Soul are a Writer / DJ / Producer collective who cut their teeth in the Drum + Bass arena and moved on to the Funky House and Breaks scene. Influenced by a wide variety of musical masterminds such as Todd Terry, M.A.W, J Dilla, Future Sound of London, Fatboy Slim & a Tribe Called Quest, they went on under various guises, to have tracks supported by Rudimental, A-Sides, Simon’Bassline’Smith, Pete Tong, Judge Jules and DJ EZ to name but a few. The collective have recently rebuilt their heavily Analogue influenced studio and are working on numerous upcoming projects for 2019….

Maid Of Tarzan on digital download & streaming distro Tivoli Digitalé

Maid Of Tarzan Credits:

Johnny Greystoke: aka Peter Malski (Barnstaple Devon UK) Lyricist/Beats/Composer/Producer

Al Temper: aka Alan Coote (Chelmsford Essex UK)

Alls Class: aka The Rapper (Los Angeles USA)


Johnny Greystoke is a college student and a member of the Jazz Club.  One of his chums is an overseas boarder chappie who likes to rap on about stuff, watches far too much TV and therefore has an American style of rapping.  They know the legend of Tarzan as Johnny keeps bangin’ on about it, going on about how he is a descendent of Earl Greystoke who became known as Tarzan.  Knowing Johnny as I do he probably got mixed up with Earl Gray the tea maker or the Duke Of Earl.  Anyways to “cut a long story short my friends” Johnny and the rapper get together one lunchtime at the college Jazz Club and start jamming around and get onto the subject of girls.  The jam develops into a lyrical story about finding a maid for Tarzan and hooks and melodies appear as if out of nowhere.  Johnny really hates jazz so, defiant to the end, comes up with the demo for the lyrics and the groove and the rap chappie delivers the goods on the dope side of things.  Johnny’s other Jazz Club mate Al Temper (aka Nu Shotgate Soul) gets the plaudits for da beats, the knob twiddling and producer credits just because he owns some studio with a zebra crossing opposite the front door and won’t let anyone else play with his knobs…need I say more.

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